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Ref. 1100

Anatomic chair.
Black/white/red seat-back.

Ref. 1101

Marea chair.
Black seat-back.

Ref. 1102

Black chair-armchair.
Black napel upholstery.

Ref. 1103

Jasper gray upholstered chair.

Ref. 1104

Black Milan chair.

Ref. 1105

Beige Canada chair.

Ref. 1106

Blue Oslo chair.

Ref. 1107

Black/white Nevada chair.

Ref. 1108

Black/white Nevada chair with arms.

Ref. 1109

Black Verona chair.

Ref. 1110

Tonet chair.

Ref. 1111

Wood jacobsen chair.

Ref. 1112

Barceló chair.
Blue/bordeaux upholstery.

Ref. 1113

Lisboa chair.
Black leather upholstery.

Ref. 1114

Black Monaco chair.

Ref. 1115

Glaciar chair.
Transparent methacrylate.

Ref. 1116

Aluminum terrace chair.

Ref. 1117

Blue/red/yellow/green child chair.

Ref. 1118

White Futura chair.

Ref. 1119

Wood Antic chair.

Ref. 1120

White PVC garden chair.

Ref. 1121

White Hamburgo chair.

Ref. 1122

Black Hannover chair.

Ref. 1123

Polo chair.
Transparent methacrylate.

Ref. 1124

White folding chair.

Ref. 1125

White Dakar chair.

Ref. 1126

Grey/Red Steel chair.

Ref. 1127

Wood London chair. White upholstery

Ref. 1300

Swivel chair with wheels and arms.
Blue/Black upholstery.

Ref. 1301

Dallas swivel chair with wheels.
Black upholstery.

Ref. 1302

Swivel chair with wheels.
Black upholstery.

Ref. 1303

Swivel chair with wheels.
White leather upholstery.

Ref. 1304

Swivel chair with wheels.
Blue/black upholstery.