At FORMAS we specialise in ephemeral architecture. Stands, showrooms, trade fairs, exhibitions, etc., 50 years creating spaces which are full of life and fulfil the needs of our clients.


Our services in the areas of creativity, interior design, carpentry, furniture, signage, electrical installation and gardening (amongst others) allow us to comprehensively manage all aspects of every project, from its initial design to its full completion.


Attending trade fairs and conventions gives our clients the opportunity to project their best image onto the market.
In order to meet this objective, we design, decorate and assemble specific spaces that are tailored to meet the specifications of each company.


Detailed studies of the space, as well as of the desired flow for the purchasing procedure allow us to provide attractive and functional solutions for points of sale.
Light, colour, aroma, shape…, the design must reflect the brand’s personality in the distribution of space, the general ambiance, the window displays, furniture and lighting.


An idea is all it takes to create an event, but creativity, staging and attention to detail are essential elements capable of transforming an event into an experience.
The multidisciplinary team at FORMAS uses the latest technology and innovations in the sector to ensure that the event is a resounding success and an unforgettable experience.